Our Ministry


Home Cell Groups are a way to experience revival in your church. Those meetings are not a newly invented meeting strategy. The model of the home groups was the structure of the Early Church during the time of the apostles (Act 2:46-47). As in the Early church, Cell Groups provide deep discipleship for believers, great fellowship, and a powerful way to evangelize not-yet believers in the community (Psalms 1:3). In the groups, the church members transform from inactive members to on-fire leaders for Christ. Nowadays, churches on all continents and through different cultures have adopted the cell ministry to revive churches. More Cell Groups >>

How do We Assist Churches?

We consult with churches in Eastern Europe that want to go through transformation to become a cell-based church. During this process we provide our partner churches regular consultations and coaching assistance. The partnership process begins from scratch and continues till the churches are able to carry on alone with healthy multiplying groups. We provide structure and training for cell leaders, coaches, trainers, and zones directors. During the partnership period we provide:

Cell Leaders Training: Cell Group ministry is heavily dependent on well-trained, servant-hearted Cell Leaders who adopt a Christ-like leadership style. We train future leaders through well-prepared training materials based on our practical and proven experience. Through multi-session training (theoretical and practical) the trainees will be equipped with the necessary leadership skills to lead a successful Cell Group meeting.

One on One Evangelism course: the Cell Group is evangelism focused. We hold multiple sessions on friendship evangelism. Believers need to demonstrate their faith in their lives because not-yet believers will hear our actions before hearing our words.  Evangelism is an everyday life-style model. The course gives the leaders and members practical methods on evangelism to set them on fire for Christ to reach the lost souls.  

Group Discussion Books: With permission we have translated Tommy Highel’s great books from “The Journey Series” into Romanian. These books are very valuable to spiritually grow both new and long-time believers. The series is designed for use as personal meditation or for group discussion. These books are available on request. Contact Us >>


Jesus’ last commandment was, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). We take this commandment seriously and desire to share the Bible with millions of unreached groups living in Europe. There are still people who have not had the opportunity to hear the Good News and and continue to live in spiritual darkness. We want to reach them in person or to present them the Gospel Message of Hope using literature and media.