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Partnering Pastors’ Feedback on Cell Ministry:

Grace Church – Oradea/Bihor County

Pastor Pavel Badea says: “I strongly believe that the philosophy of cell groups Pastor Badeais biblical and expands into practice what Christians are taught by preaching the Bible and other spiritual growth studies. Also, it gives an opportunity to more believers to be leaders in serving the Lord and that through lifestyle and relationships believers to share Christ outside the walls of the church building, which no longer seems relevant to the unbelievers. I can boldly say that I trust that this work, done well with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, will bring many people to salvation, and strengthen the mature body of Christ as the Scriptures say.”

Buteni Emanuel Church- Arad County

Pastor Lucian Rauca says, “After 2 years from the beginning of the cell group ministry, I can say that it has a major impact in the process of spiritual growth,


 personal transformation and development of relationship based on the love and care of group members for each other. We still have a long way to go, but I think it is a good direction to actively participate in the church growth qualitatively. When I look to the group members I can see how their passion for Christ grows. Some group members testify how God helps them self-control in difficult situations, others 

open their broken hearts and all experience multiple ways to apply God’s Word that was discussed in the group. I am also enthusiastic about training new leaders who are starting to engage in this ministry in ways that I had never believed they have the ability to minister. All these come as results of discipline, effort and perseverance, for which we pray and hope to get more and more grace to continue the work begun!”

Buteni Emanuel Church- Arad County

Pastor Cristi Rau says, “With the right leaders in place and a clear 


understanding of the vision, I think Cell Group ministry can be a very important element in the development of Christ’s church. There are two issues, inparticular, I would like to highlight with regard to the Cell Group ministry in Buteni.
The first aspect is the spiritual growth of each member in the group through the interactive study of God’s Word. The Cell Group environment is a good place to discuss issues of shared interest by the members of the group. They are encouraged to ask questions and find answers on issues they do not understand. Thus, together, having the Bible as our guideline we discuss passages that bring clarity and we share how each of us understands the truth of the Word. I have often noticed how wonderfully we complement and help each other to go deeper in the topics we study. With a smaller number of participants, each has an opportunity to participate and to grow.
The second aspect that I would like to point out is closely linked to the first and refers to being fruitful. As we grow in understanding biblical truths, we seek ways to apply these truths and thus become fruitful. We have observed a greater desire for prayer, intercession for people, became more attentive to each other, became more willing to engage in the service of the church, started looking for more ways to have an impact in people’s lives, and to help those with material or spiritual needs. Growth in each of these aspects is visible but it takes perseverance to continue in the right direction.
We believe that through the grace of God we can grow the Cell Group’s ministry and extend help to other churches in the area.”

 Cuied Church- Arad County

Pastor Dănilă Emanuel says, “I would like to thank God for the way He is working in my life and the lives of those around me using the Cell Groups ministry. Embracing the Cell Groups concept was a great challenge and concern because while we wanted to experience growth, both in quality and quantity, we were not sure how it would work. 

It is very encouraging to see how, after two years, God has increased the quality of spiritual lives of many new believers who are involved in this ministry. At the same time we can see how God has added new people to our numbers.
From the moment I heard about Cell Groups I understood that it is God’s answer to my prayers concerning growth. As we started to implement this ministry in our pastoral circle, we had the satisfaction of seeing a favorable environment where I find myself serving more efficiently, using and developing the gifts God has given me; an environment that was missing before. I have had the fulfillment to see people who have grown spiritually, begun to serve and to develop their leadership skills. We are also blessed to see people who were not interested in attending church coming after being invited into small groups where they continue to come, to know God, and experience His love.
I can see, from one meeting to the next, how people have strengthened their relationship with God, being encouraged and accountable to each other. We have seen remarkable growth in the quality of relationships between members and I am happy to see people grow in passion and courage for witnessing with others about Jesus.
By the grace of God it is already the third time that my group will multiply, being thankful to God who makes this ministry grow.
I firmly believe that the Cell Groups ministry can help many churches in Romania (in the villages or smaller towns too, not only in the big cities) to create an environment where worship, fellowship, spiritual edification, multiplication, training leaders, and social involvement can successfully be achieved. God bless this ministry!”

Jibou Church – Salaj County

Pastor Teofil Mihoc says, “Through the Cell Group Ministry of the church in Jibou, God has blessed us with a more beautiful fellowship among believers. After a year, the group members have a great fellowship that motivates them to serve in the church. A framework for service is created for each believer. In the same way, a greater concern for unsaved people has been developed between the groups’ members. Participation in group meetings motivated the not-yet-believer friends to also attend church worship services. This brought a new breath, refreshment in the church and we are now approaching the baptism on May 19, 2013, with this first generation of born again friends in the groups. Another special thing is that we can raise and develop new ministers much easier and faster than before.”


A Cell group member’s testimony –  Emmanuel Church, Buteni, Arad.

“My name is Oana, I live in Buteni, Arad (Romania) and I am Romanian language teacher. So far I understand that our life here on earth is given by God … we all know this, but few people truly appreciate this special gift, called LIFE. I confess I did not know how to Oana2appreciate life and still not fully learned it. In life there come moments when you feel disappointed with those around you, especially going through some critical times that we just do not know how to get things right or what to do in order to go forward…. we’re like a lost sheep that no longer knows it’s way… I’ve had such a moment of hard time for me, in which I had two alternatives: to escape safely or fall altogether. I’ve always been faithful and I was conscious of the presence and the goodness of God but I didn’t believe enough in it… until one day when the Lord showed me that He loves me, and even as sinful as I am He is still there with me and upholds me.
Because of an ugly situation I went through and which hurt me very much, bringing sin in my life and leaving deep wounds, unfortunately I have forgotten what it means faith and I was thinking about bad things like taking my life. I felt worthless of being alive, I did not want to do anything anymore because I had no power or motivation… and in a such moment you simply do not know what to do… until a thought came to me and I began to read in the Bible… I took a random verse and I was ok for a while but that inward kneading and suffering persisted and became louder. I did not know what to do, whom to ask for help because I thought no one would understand me, everybody laughed at me, judging me… One day I cried so much and I went on my knees and with all my heart I started to pray to God to do something with my life… I could not continue in that state… I asked God to take me to Him, or let me die.. to do something.. and then, at the time I got a chill run through my body.. I felt like I received power and my dark life seemed to be a little bit lightened… I started to believe in myself, to feel different… to be different. I did not know what has happened… I did not tell anyone about it…
Meanwhile, a beautiful thing that happened to me is that I was called by Dana to a group of people who wanted to seek God more… at first I was so uncertain… I never thought that I could get along in this group… I did not know what is to be done there and what to expect… but in the group I met wonderful people that have framed me to in their family. It’s so great when the family cries with you, prays with you and is close to you in bad times or good times. I was encouraged by my brothers and sisters in the group to get involved in group dynamics and I started taking responsibilities in the group. The group helped me to share my testimony and to become closer to God, to learn more about His commandments and promises.. and to confess Him as Lord and Master of my life. So in January 2012, I told my cell (life) group that I want to follow the Lord and make a covenant with Him! It was an uplifting moment in that evening when everyone prayed for me, and then each shared with me a verse or a thought to encourage me in my new decision.
God did not let me fall and He did not forget me. He loves me and shows me his wonders every day, through simple little things as well as in the trials and temptations that come in my way. God made me to be closer to Him through trials… I’m still very weak but I know that He is strong and will strengthen me that I may not deviate from His way. Words are not enough to express what a heart feels … but only God can truly know what is in the heart of every man, He can change hearts and heal what no one else can … you just have to really believe, to pray and wait for His will to be done ….
I now want to grow in faith more and more and also to be of help to others, as I am helped by my sister Dana who is also my prayer partner in the group. I already pray for a young woman who needs the Lord like I did and I seek the opportunity to invite her to the group!”