Cell Groups


Many churches suffer from stagnation. Church members are missing deep, personal discipleship and a true sense of Christian community. The growth of the church is heavily dependent on the ongoing work of calling, training, equipping, and empowering lay leaders to share in the wonderful work of pastoring God’s growing family.

Cell Groups are a place to devote lives to Christ, develop a real love and fellowship with one another, develop passion to evangelize not-yet believers, transform believers to disciple makers, develop new leaders, develop accountability, and cause multiplication. (Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:18-20; and 2 Timothy 2:2)

What is a Cell Group?                                                                                            

A spiritual Cell Group is like a biological cell. A healthy biological cell is a basic building block of life. Cells multiply themselves and each new cell looks identical to the original cell.
In a spiritual cell, followers of Jesus Christ enjoy sweet fellowship in small Christian groups. They worship together and build one another up. The group members form an active team of lay evangelists who share their lives with not-yet believers. Consequently, the cells multiply new believers through conversion, new and old believers are discipled, new cell leaders are raised up, the group multiplies, and the process repeats itself. It is expanding God’s Kingdom through multiplying new believers.

Are cells just about numbers?                                                                    

Anything that has life must grow and produce life. Growth and multiplication are the indication of a healthy organism. A healthy biological cell will multiply a great number of times. Healthy Cell Groups will multiply over and over producing new believers, disciples, leaders, cells, and vision. Healthy quality produces great quantity. Multiply or die!

Where do Cell Groups gather?
Cell Groups meet weekly in homes and come together with other cells as a local body at weekly church services.

What is the Cell Group purpose?
The main purpose of Cell Groups is evangelism. In a small group model, evangelism is a natural process. The group members work together as a team developing personal relationships that attract not-yet believers. Normally, not-yet believers do not feel comfortable accepting an invitation to visit a church. It is much easier to invite them to participate first in a Cell Group where they see believers living out their faith. Then they can be encouraged to visit the church in the company of their friends from the Cell Group. The Cell Group is a friendship evangelism method. “My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action.” (1 John 3:18)

Cell-Based Church Model

  • Community – fellowship among believers (God is Trinity)
  • Priesthood of all believers – everyone practices their spiritual gifts (everyone is a minister)
  • Relational evangelism – relationship evangelism with people in our life circles (Jesus and His incarnation)
  • Discipleship – raising up others who are able to pass it on (Christ’s last commandment)
  • Multiplication – everything that has life must multiply, it is born to grow (be fruitful and multiply)